Deadline: 10. December 2017   24oo CET
Corrections up to: 12. December 2017



Abstracts may only be submitted which have

  • NOT been presented at an international meeting and
  • NOT been published in a peer-reviewed journal !

By submitting an abstract, the author consent to its publication by Cambridge University Press in Cardiology in the Young in 2017.


  • view the outcome of your submissions
  • confirm your presentation
  • upload optional handouts
  • update your personal data.

Reasons for this procedure:

  • You may correct and withdraw your contributions after submission, as well as reactivate withdrawn abstracts.
  • Even you submit several abstracts, you only need to specify your personal data once.


For security reason, the transfer of your input is done using the internet protocol HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer, or HTTP over SSL). Please accept the digital certificate of www.uni-kiel.de


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